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Imagine a diagnostic tool that showcases you as the expert who can help solve your clients’ largest unaddressed concern in retirement planning: Social Security benefit reductions.

The Social Security Risk Score differentiates you from the competition. The dynamic assessment with personalized reports for your client’s unique situation, empower you to attract and advise new clients.

Beta Testing In Progress...

A group of qualified advisors are currently testing the Social Security Risk Score. Once the Beta Program has been completed in late 2022, the Risk Score will become available to Financial Professionals and Advisors across the United States.

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Customized Risk Score Reports

Once a client completes the Risk Score assessment, they are offered a custom Social Security Risk Score analysis that is "white-labeled" with YOUR contact information as their Risk Score Advisor.

You are provided with the information you need to analyze both the likelihood and impact of reductions:

  • Your client's demographic information (age, retirement status, marital status, etc.)
  • Individualized Social Security Risk Score calculated from their online assessment
  • How their financial situation could affect the likelihood and impact of a reduction
  • How longevity could play an important role in potential reductions
  • How well their current retirement plan is designed to prepare them for potential reductions

Clients want a plan to prepare

Would you be interested in talking with a financial professional about how to protect your Social Security benefits from a government mandated reduction?

Source: PlanGap Retirement Research Study (08/2021)

The Social Security Administration has disclosed in their 2021 Annual Report that future reductions to Social Security benefits are possible, if not probable.

“Social Security's Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) Trust Fund, which pays retirement benefits, is projected to run out of funds in 2033, meaning there will be enough revenue to pay out only 76 percent of scheduled payments.”

Clients are concerned. Someone is going to educate your clients about how to plan for potential benefit reductions.
Will it be you? The Social Security Risk Score differentiates you from the competition. Diagnostic tools with personalized reports are exactly how you can educate your clients and build solutions around their unique situation.

Mathematical Certainty


A common response from many financial advisors is that whatever the government does to "fix" the Social Security funding challenges, people in or near retirement will not be affected. Unfortunately, that is not the opinion of someone who actually knows the numbers. 

“It’s no longer possible to say that, by starting now, we can avert massive, and massively unfair, changes in the promises we have made, or that current beneficiaries have nothing to worry about.”

– Mitch Daniels

Former Director of US Office of Management and Budget

Many of the reforms being proposed would create benefit reductions through means-testing, increases in taxation, increases in the FRA (Full Retirement Age), and even across the board benefit cuts.

7 out of 10 Americans age 50+ are concerned


71% of Americans (Ages 50-75) are concerned that they will not receive their full Social Security benefits as promised.  These statistics are similar across gender and political affiliation.

Are you concerned that you will NOT receive your full Social Security benefits as promised?

Source: 2021 Social Security Confidence Survey (09/2021)

The media showcases Social Security's funding challenges, but your clients have never had a diagnostic tool available to evaluate their specific risk and impact of benefit reductions. The Social Security Risk Score provides the answers they have been looking for. 

You will be positioned to help both new and existing clients learn more about the risks they face based upon their individual situation.  Upon review, you will have the opportunity to recommend strategies and products that can help them lower their Risk Score. 

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